Kim and Kelly



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Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the start of a story.

It could be the first time Kelly and Kim spoke while working a Pediatric ER shift together, when they became friends in a heartbeat. They cherished all the chaotic and grueling ER shifts they worked together, unknowingly learning how to rely on each other as a teammate and eventually, as a best friend. During their time off, they scoured Manhattan together for soondubu, ramen, and the best $1 oyster happy hour deals.

Or it could span back decades, when their parents sought to build a new life in the United States. Kelly's parents, Shaoming and Lucy Tong, flew from China to an Italian-rich New Jersey, while Kim's parents, Khanh and Hue Hoang, immigrated from Vietnam to a gator-rich Florida to start a new beginning of their own. Each parent came to America as a stranger to the other, but ultimately, persevered through hardships to give both Kelly and Kim the opportunities in life that would bring them together.

Or it could be in Park City, Utah, when Kelly knelt down and asked Kim to spend the rest of her life with him, as his life-long teammate, his best friend, and his soulmate. She ecstatically said yes! (duh.)

But, wherever you choose to start their story, what matters is that their adventure is far from over. They've traveled the world together, climbed mountains, and saved each other countless times from falling off said mountains. Most importantly, every day, they continue to discover new things to love about each other.

However, the story of Kelly and Kim just isn't interesting or exciting without their friends and family, who keep their hearts full and their spirits laughing. Please join them in celebrating the beginning of a new chapter of their lives!